Be the Nice Guy Women Can’t Resist

A lot of men think that for them to answer the cliché question “how do I find true love?” all they have to do is act nice to women.

You are a nice person. Well most of us are but is that all? Being nice is one quality which will tell people how worthy it is to know you and how you deserve attention from women. However, do you honestly believe women care about it?

In finding a soulmate, to be nice is not sufficient. You also have to be as interesting as much as you’re nice. Sadly, nice guys are usually thought of as wimps or dweebs nowadays. You never need to act like a jerk to have an appeal to women.

The truth is women never like men who are aggressive or who act like jerks. They usually get attracted to guys who are interesting and challenging. You can be all of these at the same time. Act yourself; however, it will make a great difference if you remember these few tips on dating for men.

1. Women love challenges just as men do. Thus, they like men who appear as challenge to them. The easiest and fastest way by which you can show women you are worth pursuing is by showing her that you’re always successful with women. You can practice this with some women friends. If you can easily draw attention of women to you and you look like you are having fun, then you are on the winning side. Act nice but be desirable at the same time.

2. The most efficient way of approaching women and get her attention is to genuinely praise her. Doing this in a wrong way can cause a serious harm to your chances. The trick is to look for something you think is different or special about her.

3. Take initiative. Have self-confidence but try not to be cocky. Show an honest interest in various things about the woman.

4. Romance novels are best-sellers simply because every woman in the world loves romance. Avoid conversing about guy topics if ever you’re not the type to read romance stories. That will not be helpful, too. If you try to talk about chick flick stuff, you will sound pretentious.

You can certainly take her to a romantic restaurant, give her a bunch of flowers, enjoy comforting music and touch her hand in a way that’s delicate which is one grand romantic gesture.

5. Never direct the conversations to only revolve around you. For her to listen to you, listen to her first. You can appear interesting by raising questions and listening.

Remember though that most of the time, when a woman confides about an     issue she is facing, she does not expect you to give advices or resolve for it. Instead, what she looks for is reassurance and comfort knowing you are there.

6. Approach women you’re interested in but are also interested in you.

Do not sell chocolates to somebody who wanted peanuts. Do not waste  time and effort with women who still care too much about their previous relationships.

In finding a soulmate, remind yourself from time to time that you got just one chance in life, so you must spend it wisely and savor every moment of it. Thinking that you can’t do something is what makes things hard to do.

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