“What’s wrong with that single woman from Craigslist?”

Say it loud: I'm single and proud!

So, this morning, a friend, who recently joined our Single Women Rule Facebook group page, gave me a call.  We’ll call her “Susie.”

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A male co-worker of Susie’s, contacted a mutual female acquaintance, inquiring about the mental state of said woman.

“Is everything alright with her?,” he prodded. “I saw she joined a Single Women Rule group on Craiglist.  Is she okay?”

Now, besides the fact that his actions support my theory that social networking sites turn otherwise sane people into cyberstalkers, I was more disturbed by his implication that because she joined a group called Single Women Rule, that something was “wrong with her.”

This brings me back to the same question, people often ask, when they’re interested in understanding what is the point of Craiglist .  Why are we trying to reach single women?

As Terry and I delve further into our journey, we’re noticing thought patterns that expose hostility toward being single, or more-so, towards those who are comfortable with being single (or telling people to be), and the preposterous notion (*rolls eyes*) that we can co-exist with the married.

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One recent comment on a post by Terry about Gwyneth Paltrow said, “What is she doing on here? She (Gwyneth) is not single.”

No, does that mean we can’t learn and grow from her experiences? In no way, are we trying to create a singles vs. married war; we are trying to create a dialogue to help single women better their lives through the experiences of all people: male, female, married or not.

Craiglist  is not about, not wanting a man or girlfriend or whatever.  Sometimes, there just isn’t anyone around at that moment, that you want.  Or maybe there is, but relationships aren’t instant oatmeal.  Sometimes, you have to nurture a friendship for awhile, before it blossoms into that flower you’ve been dreaming of.

Craiglist  IS about wanting the right person at the right time, whether it last 14 months or 14 years.  Single Women Rule is about being OKAY if it does, or doesn’t happen.

So, to Susie’s concerned friend, I say, No.  No, Mr. Facebook Man, there is nothing wrong with her. She’s not man-hating, upset, or angry.  She’s not bitter, confused, or on an unjustified power-trip.

She’s comfortable with her life, as it is, and realizes that she rules her future, she decides who, what and how.  She realizes that to get the relationship she wants, she has to love herself more than anyone.  She realizes that though she desires to be emotionally, physically, and mentally connected in a fulfilling love relationship or marriage, she will not let the desire rule her.

She is a single woman; and she rules.